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    Koth Event Today 4 PM EST / 9 PM UK / 8 AM Aussie

    Koth event later today! No need to apply! Naked pvp is allowed just don't break any other rules! (Fly Scoop, VG Scoop, Ect.) Tonight 4 PM EST 9 PM UK 8 AM Aussie! Be there! Prize will be 500k (Courtesy of jeremy) and (If I get permission) A "#1 KOTH" Suffix! No teaming as a suffix cant be split evenly! You can choose to not attack but once at the top you must knock the other off!
    Can't wait!
    ~Ryandouglas6 Event manager.

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    I wish I could make this but don't think i'll be able too D: I'm going to my moms this weekend and all she has is a chromebook.
    "Fluffeh you suck"

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