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    The New Chat System.

    Please change the chat back to the way it was. I wanna be able to swear and use the same message/command twice. I also want to be able to send Gyazo links/Youtube Links. Not have smiley faces when I type . Thanks.

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    For once I agree with RvD. This chat system that got put back into service is annoying as hell. I cannot send any links that normally would, I also often do /home home run off somewhere to do something then do it again a minute later. Please fix it... I know originally it was removed due to it being not available also because everyone didn't like it.

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    I concur, this is stupid as fuck. You can't repeat the same (or even similar) commands more than like twice in a row.

    What if I want to view all the help pages? Nope, can't do that.

    And let's not forget the periods automatically being put at the end of each sentence...

    Yeah no, this is stupid.

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    Sorry about this everyone, sometimes the chat control plugin has it's settings set back to normal for random reasons. It's been changed back to the way it used to be! Feel free to curse all around now.

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