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    Dilly550 and philbobber death spamming

    Your IGN: JalinIsBeast

    Suspect's IGN: Darksprinter and philbobber, title is wrong

    When are you reporting this: 1/21/15 8:11PM

    What are you accusing them of: Death Spamming and spawn killing, excuse the title

    Description: Phil and Dilly were just rapidly killing eachother many times and were even asked to stop by myself and Monkey


    Time & Date of the incident: 8:09 PM EST 1/21/15

    Time & Date of posting this report: 8:13 PM EST 1/21/15

    Which country do you live in and/or time zone: USA and Eastern

    Location in game: My protected land

    What were you doing at the time: Playing grand theft auto... Lol
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