Hello its me, as you know im getting exiled, and I have 350k something like that so I thought id make a new town, Sexy Faces! its going to be a big production I have 5 people helping with build and 2 admins, it will have a layer of obsidian followed by water then obsidian and finally lava, it will be a PvP/Faction type of town, prices to join starting at: 10k for exiled and up, FREE for Premium- Default, Reason being is that exiled has multiple sethomes so it will be at the officer town region, and defaults to premiums will only live in the /town spawn part of the town. Also here is our town rank system (Not in order): PvPer, Builder, Staff, Solider, and Master PvPer! We already have allies -> TheRisen, Lemon Nation and BloxipolisII

-=+=- Comment if you want to Join, Allie, Invite us to nation or help -=+=- P.S: to Ncheipo, sorry I cant help with BloxipolisII anymore D: but im pround of all the work I did in that town! oh and once I can get back on ill get my stuff and reset/clear my plots!

#SEXY FACES FOR THE WIN! or #sexyfacesforthewin