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    For all you idiots out there, heres to you.

    To be honest what is the point of all this meaningless drama? Did you kids not get enough attention when you were younger? I feel like 99% of forum posts turn into shit because someone wants to start some stupid argument over something so incredibly stupid. I'm so sorry my opinion differs from yours, just because I don't personally agree with you doesn't mean anything. Opinions are opinions... so just shut the fuck up for once like holy shit. Can we actually have a thread in which their is an actual enjoyable experience. Is it really hard to stop holding grudges because you don't like the way he looked at you? It is frustrating as hell and make this server look ignorant and just all around terrible. Like I'm okay for playing and horsing around but running around calling people faggots is just wrong. Can we please just fucking ban people like this, whats the point in keeping people who all just create a toxic environment. Like I cannot stress enough how much more strict you need to be with people. This is my rage towards all the ignorant people out there. So please, educate yourself and become a better person for the sake of humanity. And most likely you don't act like this in the real world because it is a hell of a lot easier to get away with that kind of stupid shit on the internet. Feel free to continue arguing within this thread and vent your rage towards me or any person, but please out of respect for other people leave it with this thread or this topic.

    Sometimes I fear for our generation and the next on after.
    History dictates that it is the wise who are most foolish. - Okabe Rintarou, Steins;Gate

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    I agree. This generation do have strong people (well educated, kind, anything), but the majority still seems to be douchebags who are over-confident in themselves, believing they were punished wrongly or whatever

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    Wow edgy af

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