As some of you know, Skilled, FIRED Builder and banned player, has XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
I could really use Cdriza's middle finger everywhere gif right about now.
Gee fucking gee you salty ass
You made so many posts saying you were sorry and you would be better
Yet here you are now by doing something worse than you already were. Way to go.
Call me a pessimist but I seem to notice the negatives in people very quickly (unless they are staff or someone trying to make a good impression no doubt). You were good as a builder, but turned salty as fuck after you were FIRED.
Gee fucking gee kid. You may be older, but aging doesn't always mean maturity (yes I do know I have been an ass but at least I admit it and don't make as big as a fuss about it)

I would also request that this post be closed immediately to stop any flame wars because that quite happens alot in this section of the forums.