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    Ok, i don't what it is, but there are a few (2) problems right now. I have been asking for weeks and its starting to get a little annoying. First, when i went to sell diamonds i could sell them fine, but it wouldn't update my money. I have had this problem for some time. I am not a very rich player on this sever so diamonds are a way for me to get ls. Also when i went to try to buy stuff at the market it said i didn't have enough money. I have like 40k?! Finally my nameplate. If you didn't know i was the first one to get Risen Titan as a regular player on this sever. Something didn't work or something and I actually have never had a Special nameplate i have wanting someone to fix this for a long time. It is part of my rank.


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    Hey Fut. Sorry that you have this issue. Believe it or not, I have a similar issue; I can't pay anyone. Currently, I'm away from my PC but when I get home I'll make it noticed in Official that you and many other players are being affected by this glitch. If you hadn't already noticed the glitch is the cause of changing your name. I'll also try and make it more noticed to other players that aren't aware that changing your name will do this. Again, sorry that you've been having to deal with this problem and you can trust me when I say that we will try and fix this problem as soon as we can. Thanks!

    EDIT: About your nameplate; to my knowledge only Joan can fix that problem and we've been trying to contact Joan for a while now for multiple reasons. I don't expect that you will get your nameplate issue resolved soon. Sorry.
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