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    Quote Originally Posted by ChairThief View Post
    You know what I hate about GLD? How so many people in the community are pointlessly negative.

    Honestly guys, you can /at least/ offer some valuable input beyond "it sucks and that's just the end of it". People can be quite creative when they actually put some brainpower into something. So instead of acting like an edgy 15-year-old who just discovered how to be contrary for the sake of being contrary, why don't you actually explain your thoughts and reasoning so that there can be a more constructive output to a thread that you deem is "useless". It doesn't have to be useless, but you certainly aren't helping with your negative input.
    Alright, I didn't copy the entire essay because it's fucking huge. Now that's out of the way... Lets get started. First off, I'm not pointlessly negative, just sick of this shit. *wipes hands* Although... I can agree. I have been out of tune from the GLD community as I frankly couldn't give a shit anymore, no specific reason, I'm just well... Bored of it all. Anyway, that's getting off topic. I was nerved when typing out my previous post on this thread because I checked the forums at least once a day and all I saw were threads like this but with a little bit of spin eventually tumbling into a spiral of arguments for arguments sake. A lot like this, which is wasting our time.

    I'll give reason for my output originally as it did have some background to it. I said that these threads are stupid because although staff will listen it will probably take such a long time if ever at all to get these things implemented due to staff's actual lives, Joan/ higher staff being inactive etc... To the point where these threads are a waste of time and are a waste of space on the forums. I'm not bashing on anyone at all as the GLD community is quite clean and respectful recently but GLD is going nowhere at the moment.

    So, I propose that the staff which are still active get the staff who are inactive working again, frequently. To the point where they are taking input from these threads which would make these posts actually helpful.

    Sorry, if this didn't make much sense. It was late when typing this out (which does not change my judgement on the matter).

    P.S. I agree with what you said too Cbjax however, for Christ sake here's a solution: downsize your signature. xD
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again. It doesn't really matter what ideas we have, what we complain about, or what we want. At the moment, very little of what we as a community say is taken into consideration, at least as far as we know. There have been tons of threads pointing out flaws in GLD, how to make it better, how to attract more players, etc. But right now, the people who have the power to make these changes either don't care or don't show us that they do care. I'm leaning towards don't care, but I would love to be proved wrong.

    Despite that, even though almost everyone reading this right now will disagree, I like the majority of GLD the way it is now. Even though I am one of the richest players on the server in terms of net worth (money, items, grinders, etc.), I always find logging onto GLD enjoyable. I can always find something to do, whether it be improving one of my grinders, building something new, or just messing around with friends. Of course, I would rather have the bugs, glitches, and other things fixed, but it doesn't ruin the whole experience for me as it does some other players.

    Overall, GLD may have its problems, but at the moment, there isn't much we can do it fix it despite how much we want to. I still love the server, but I can understand why some people wouldn't. We can't do much to fix the server, and another map reset would probably kill what's left of our playerbase, so for the moment we're stuck with what we have.

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    Chair, you nailed it on the head. GLD (Great Light Desert). I'm sorry, but I think GLD has lost some of it's greatness. Yes, we are reverting back to how the old server was like, but we need new, improved features. Remove some of the old plugins and install new ones. We need to accentuate the desert part of the server. There needs to be a stronger story line with the current freedom of the server. I'll add more when I have the time later.
    We also need to revamp the donor perks. Keep the little extra power, have us work for something, and maybe add more cosmetics?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChairThief View Post
    -Edit- I also have to bring this up, and I know I'll probably get flack for it, but I feel like some of the rewards for donating to the server are just a little too.. Much. A lot of people complaining that there's nothing left to do are the people who have gotten everything there is to get.. There's nothing left to work toward and that evokes a feeling of boredom by proxy. If everything that people want is available at the touch of a button (given they have the funds to back it up) then where's the sense of accomplishment?

    On the old server I would to get Daniel to remove some of my donor perms to spice things up, that's the reason I ended up staying on the server for as long as I have. I would to get /vanish, /fly, /god, and /md removed, made things a lot more fun.
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    Bump, to improve the server and make it more playable and popular everyone should try and make suggestions as to what they think would make gld more fun
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    Things I hate about GLD: The fact that the server died 3 times and a row and you guys keep doing the same things to try to revive it. No one cares if you're making a bigger better spawn and resetting the economy. It didn't work before, it probably wont work now.

    You know what made me join GLD? When my buddy was like "Hey dude, you have to try this server out. You starve almost all the time and its always a fight to survive. You have to make your base far underground or very hidden so no one can find it. Its crazy, I haven't seen a grass block once."

    It's not fun to not have a challenge.

    GLD will improve when its no longer about the money.

    GLD will improve when you can't purchase your way to sand godship and equipment security.

    GLD will improve when staff positions are actually strived for and not just given out.

    I guess after seeing this server with 200 players on and with 2 players on, I can really see the difference.

    Not meaning to be super harsh, I'm just saying.
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