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  • No, I like hats, Im fine to loose that helmet once in a while

    1 14.29%
  • Yea, Im fed up of losing prot 4 unb 3, it's a real problem

    6 85.71%
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Thread: Hats

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    I don't know if staff realize this, but the main issue that needs fixing on GLD right now is the hat glitch. Please fix this, even if it means removing the hat plugin. Do the same thing you did to fix it the last time it existed. Too many helmets are being lost. Protection 4 diamond helmets were the most rare piece of armor to come across in the first place, and this glitch has reduced their population by at least 5%.

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    Hopefully by issue you mean bug.

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    I added a poll to this, please vote if you have an opinion on the matter.
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