In Game Name:ninjatops101
Reason: 5 warnings
Banner: Jeremy
What does it say EXACTLY when you try to log on: BANNED You have reached max warnings
Time & Location: While ago
Date: IDK
What were you doing at the time?: IDK
What server were you banned on?: GLD
Have you been banned previously? If so, for what?: Max warnings spam


Your defense: Now its been awhile since GLD (Like 3 months) And I know your all tired of my behavior my attitude and even my voice (In this case my name on your website) Im almost a sophomore And I've been busy on basketball, sports ad school work so, since I was banned I've not played minecraft since... And if I ever was unbanned again I would not be on as much and definitely would not talk on chat a lot cause I need to grow up a lot! But all have to say is thanks GLD for making "Killin" time fun!

Your evidence to your defense: Not much, just that Ill kinda miss some of you guys, like TJ and Oldthinker and maybe even Jermey... as of the staff but players I gotta say bye to...

There's a lot more, if you think your not on the list then that means you were supposed to be!