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    SeanOfNevin Report

    Your IGN: Epicc

    Suspect's IGN: SeanOfNevin

    When are you reporting this: 4/25/2015

    What are you accusing them of: Spawn/ Tp killing

    Description: So, me and Shrekbro were hanging out, and SeanOfNevin tped and killed us over and over again.


    Time & Date of the incident: 4/25/15

    Time & Date of posting this report: 10:02 am 4/15/15

    Which country do you live in and/or time zone: Est timesone, America

    Location in game: ShrekBro's base, If you need coords Ill give them

    What were you doing at the time: Just hanging around his base, checking on his progress

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    Sand Lover Manuknife56's Avatar
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    Sorry but you'll be lucky to find a staff member who cares these days enough, one who'll warn him is just stray thinking at this point. I'll speak to some staff members who still have their commands though.
    [Berserker] ManuKnife

    <- Hehe, rekt.

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    Banned Ancient Sage Jeremy9600's Avatar
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    hilarious, both you and sean were breaking rules. haha

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    Administrator Ancient Sage
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    At this point what does breaking the rules matter, with so few people on GLD, banning a couple will only hurt the server

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