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    So Here's a Tad More.

    It may have been finished for a while but as many of you know the server has recently gotten a tad... bland. As one of my attempts to help brighten up the server I have worked on this project for the past few months. Recently I had no inspiration to use it or add on to it but now that the server seems (Or at least I hope) is being picked back up onto it's feet, I will be releasing the mini game very soon! The mini game is a kit based Pvp battle. At first the classes might be a tad unbalanced but weekly I will adjust the kits need be. Food is very important as the matches can be extremely lengthy. Killing a farmer could drop their items giving you the food you may need. An archer fighting a brute may need to use a speed potion to escape a brute using his strength potion for example.

    Current Classes:


    Armor - Unbreaking I Iron Helmet, Unbreaking I Chain Chestplate, Unbreaking I Chain Leggings, Unbreaking I Chain boots.
    Weapon - Unbreaking III Power III Punch II Ininity I Bow, - Poking Stick (Wooden Stick) Sharpness I
    Food - 3 Filet Mignons' (3 Steak)
    Potions - 3 potions of Leaping Jump Boost II (1:07), 3 Potions of Swiftness II (1:07), 1 Splash Potion of Regeneration I (0:33)


    Armor - Diamond Helmet Protection II, Iron Chestplate Protection I Unbreaking I, Iron Leggings Protection I Unbreaking I, Diamond Boots Protection II
    Weapon - Sharpness I Gold Sword
    Food - 1 Brute's Rations (Rabbit Stew)
    Potions - 1 Splash potion of Healing I, 1 Splash potion of Strength I (2:15)


    Armor - Unbreaking I Chain helmet, Unbreaking I Iron Chestplate, Unbreaking I Iron Leggings, Unbreaking I Chain Boots
    Weapon - Sharpness I Knockback II Diamond pickaxe
    Food - 3 Miner's Delight (3 Pumpkin Pies)
    Potions - 1 Splash potion of strength (6:00), 3 Splash Potion of Night Vision (6:00), 3 Splash Potion of Instant Health I, 1 Potion of Swiftness I (2:15)


    Armor - A full set of Protection IV Unbreaking I Leather Armor
    Weapon - Sharpness V Diamond Hoe
    Food - 24 Farmer's Feast! (Cooked Rabbit)
    Potions - 2 Splash potions of instant health, 2 splash potions of weakness (1:07), 3 splash potions of slowness (1:07), 3 splash potions of poison (0:33)


    Armor - Full set of Unbreaking I Protection I Gold Armor
    Weapon - Sharpness II Stick
    Food - 2 Alchemist's Rations (Baked Potatoes)

    Negatives - 3 of Variety Negative Potion (Weakness, Damage, Slowness, Poison) All I un-extended.
    Positives - 3 of Variety Positive Potions ( Strength, Instant Health, Regeneration, Water Breathing, and Jumping) Strength and water Breathing are I, The rest are II all Un-extended.

    Pictures of the main Structures so far -

    I'm going to complete this project alone for now but would love feedback

    ~Ryan the maybe but not completely active staff member who is also sometimes an event manager and trial trainer
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    Sounds like a cool idea! Just need to get people on

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    you mean archer and alchemist, right?

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    Alchemist is op. You can just throw a poison pot and run away

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