Your IGN:nonojang

Suspect's IGN: TheSlimeMaster7

When are you reporting this: 11:00 am Est

What are you accusing them of: Illegal Sethome

Description: So a former resident of my town, TheSlimeMaster7, was kicked from my town after placing end frames {which if staff could remove would be great} and then illegally seethe and tried to grief the town during war. As war will begin soon it would be preferable if staff could remove his sethome in the town (Supremacy)

Evidence: N/A

Time & Date of the incident: May 16th, 2015

Time & Date of posting this report: May 17th, 2015

Which country do you live in and/or time zone: U.S. EST

Location in game: The Town Supremacy

What were you doing at the time: N/A