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    TommyDragon2007 report

    Your IGN:

    Suspect's IGN:

    When are you reporting this:

    What are you accusing them of: Tpakilling

    Description: I tpa'd to TommyDragon2007, he then proceeded to kill me.


    Time & Date of the incident: 19th of May 2015, around 5:20pm GMT

    Time & Date of posting this report: 19th of May 2015, around 5:32pm GMT

    Which country do you live in and/or time zone: England/GMT

    Location in game: The town 'SonicMine' after he accepted, before I was at my town Railville.

    What were you doing at the time: I was running around at my town, in my plot when TommyDragon2007 came on and said this:
    I then lost a full Prot 4 Unb 3 set of armour, including my special Prot 4 Unb 3 Feather Falling 5 boots Bert gave to me. I also lost a Sharpness 5 Unb 3 Efficiency 5 Silk touch 1 diamond axe.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Thanks for reporting, Anti.

    He will not be punished as he stated "he has not been on for ages" and easily could have forgotten the rules. If he does TP kill again, however, he will be punished.

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