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    FallOutEvKono Hacking

    This guy was
    1. Reading chest signs through 50 blocks (Xray)
    2. Flying and dying of fall damage while in PvP
    3. Using Kill Aura on BeanerDip
    4. Using Speed Ladder Climb Hacks (thats a thing? lol)

    All the while, CB was refusing to help. From what I heard he didn't want to screenshare him, and when he said he had tp'ed to me to watch, he really hadn't <- I was sitting next to someone who was in a skype call and hearing him say this. End the end he only got a warning for Setting home in the town. I honestly feel the staff should be re-evaluated. Yes we just got new staff, but I don't think most of them are doing the best of jobs.

    Video: (watch the whole thing)

    Side note: MonkeyToes saw someone hacking through screen share and decided not to ban. Look into that maybe?

    For the love of god re-evaluate staff, we need decent ones.

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    Update, player was banned.

    I'm still kinda of mad that I was ignored by a staff who was online and then told that the staff didn't want to screenshare and didn't actually TP to watch, when he said he had.

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