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    Kool173 Ban appeal

    In Game Name:Kool173
    Reason: alt of EliteDude
    Banner: (If you know it) dont know
    What does it say EXACTLY when you try to log on: Alt account of banned player [EliteDude]
    Time & Location: 4:55 mountain time
    Date: (If you know it) July 13
    What were you doing at the time?: harvesting trees
    What server were you banned on?: gld
    Have you been banned previously? If so, for what?: no
    Your defense: elite (Obtuse) is my bro as i have already explained to a staff
    Your evidence to your defense: none
    Additional Info: my bro is banned, i have started playing since new server elite is not me.

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    Banned Ancient Sage Jeremy9600's Avatar
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    Can you provide evidence that ObtuseHoe is your brother?

    If not, I refuse to un-ban you as players can easily lie.

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    listen, elite is my bro im 13 im not him ive done literally nothing wrong he is banned i understand how there is a confusion if im his alt i have no way to prove that i am not him but im not elite im kool173.

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