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    Quote Originally Posted by manymex (finally) 3 View Post
    (Jer caught phats phasing through a jail cell wall, asked to screenshare, saw that he had wolfram, laughed, and let him go, he didn't even ask him to uninstall, also he caught me with xray on GLD 1 or 2, that's just the tiniest fraction)
    Well for one you didn't know what was going on here. Phats (AmazedPvP) can have a client because he was staff. You werent even in the call, you didn't know what was going on.

    Next; " if you were actually against abusing forcetp, you would tp away and then actually tpa, like the people that don't have staff powers to abuse".

    You guys started hitting him when we came down, he couldn't tp away unless youre encouraging MORE abuse to bypass combat tag. You weren't in the call, you didnt hear what was going on. I mean, YOU COULDN'T EVEN SEE WHERE HE TPED. We were on a WHOLE DIFFERENT FLOOR. /rant

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    Quote Originally Posted by wardog158 View Post
    1) Wasn't into combat, was just before combat.

    2) Ok so what's illegal about that? /tpa could have accomplished the same thing

    3) Cool not really

    4) Whatever action that is deemed necessary by Joan and high staff will be taken, not what other people (Including me) say.
    You trying to defend him is meaningless. He has admitted multiple times to doing it.

    Along with admitting to abuse, he should accept his punishment (if he wants to remain the respectable member of staff that he is).

    A respectable person would admit their mistake and accept punishment, just saying something like "sorry won't happen again" won't cut it.

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    /thread closed/

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