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    Pinto's unban appeal

    In Game Name:Pintobeast
    Reason: Hacked client X-ray
    Banner: (If you know it)- guessing Bert cause my brother got banned by him
    What does it say EXACTLY when you try to log on: Banned hacked client (X-ray)
    Time & Location: Not sure haven't been on today
    Date: (If you know it)7/29/15
    What were you doing at the time?: Haven't been on when banned
    What server were you banned on?: GLD
    Have you been banned previously? If so, for what?:I was banned on 1.0 for X-ray back when i first started
    Your defense: I was banned for x-ray back when i started in 2012 i believe, I've had a clean slate since then. Wasn't even on. Bert caught my brother bagel for it. Doesn't mean i have it. I haven't been on today. Don't think its fair for it to be assumed i have it because my brother has it. I believe i have been a respectable player since my first ban.
    Your evidence to your defense: Bagel got caught not me. I believe Bert assumed I then have it too but was not caught so i don't think i should be banned under an assumption. Me Nixon and Bagel all have separate computers we don't all play on the same one. If you like to screen share i can show you i don't have it and my minecraft is clean.
    Additional Info: contact me if you need more info. I would like to straighten this out and keep my status as a clean player.
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    I would just like an explanation. Sorry I'm just impatient haha. If i was "caught" for x-ray why wasn't i banned when I was playing rather when I'm completely offline. I stand by that i don't use x-ray and would just like response.

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    I do not know 100% of what happened, or whether the staff had proof or not, but I'm 100% sure that us, the staff, do not ban for no reason, and will not wait for the player to log on in order for their punishment to be given.

    If there are any ways that you can provide proof to defend your point then I'm sure that will help but, as I said, this is not my ban, and I therefore cannot do anything about it.

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    I'm not saying I got banned for no reason, I understand and respect the staff fully. I believe there is a miss understanding between the staff and I. My brother bagel got banned for using x-Ray. I was not on during his ban. I was on around maybe 1am pst. And he was banned around 10 am pst. I'm just curious why I was banned and so was my brother Nixon. Bagel got caught for it red handed by Bert. He deserves his ban. I don't get how me and Nixon were banned. We weren't caught nor do we cheat

    I can prove that me Nixon and bagel all have separate computers and mine doesn't have any x-Ray client.
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