In Game Name: Nixon00
Reason: Hacked client X-ray
Banner: (If you know it) I have no idea I think it was Bert thats who my brother said he got banned by
What does it say EXACTLY when you try to log on: Hacked client Xray
Time & Location: I don't know I wasn't even on
Date: (If you know it) 7/29/15
What were you doing at the time?: I wasn't online
What server were you banned on?:GLD
Have you been banned previously? If so, for what?: I don't believe so but was warned on the first GLD not to lock non donators chests
Your defense: My defense is that I wasn't even online when I was banned for a hacked client. If I wasn't on how can they say that they caught me using X-ray and then banned me. I don't believe that their is evidence of me even using this hack and don't know how their even could be. It says I was only banned for one week, well at least I think thats what that timer means but would like to play again sooner and clear my name for something I didn't do.
Your evidence to your defense: My evidence for my defense is that I wasn't online when banned and don't know how I can be banned without any evidence of me using a hack (X-ray) that I don't even have/use in Minecraft.
Additional Info: Both of my brothers Pintobeast and Bagelboy924 where banned and we all use different computers