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    Wither + Legendary Mystic

    In all honesty, it is TOO over powered. It is impossible to make a legit base that is wither proof. I say nerf withers, nerf kit assault, or take it out completely. That rank is basically Pay 2 Win.

    Sure, it's a hardcore raiding server. but those with the kit leave others with little chances. Worked hours on making a giant obby base? Say goodbye when you see a Legendary Mystic raid it.

    And now I bet those who use this kit a ton for raiding are probably not gonna want to nerf it.

    This is just my opinion, so don't take it so seriously. But I'm just trying to help those people out there who don't want to get obliterated by a wither. It's meant to be a boss mob. Alright. It's supposed to be powerful. but it's not supposed to be spawned a ton of times to raid people.

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    eh, I got around 16 Skulls in 5 hours of farming over the course of 3 days. It can be countered with a little work
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    I recommend setting up a wither "grinder" I have one you can use if you wish
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    Withers are literally the easiest thing to defend against. The only way to get a good raid with a wither is to keep it under 50% health, and you have to constantly hit it with an item to push it into the blocks to break. It usually only has around 30% health once they have gotten through your walls, so you can just kill them in a few hits.

    Just make an ocean around your base because withers swim up.

    Edit: Actually Jeremy is literally the easiest thing to defend against. (ROASTED) (monkey)
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