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    ChairThief's Trial Application (GLD)

    Name: Most people here on GLD refer to me as ChairThief or Chair.

    In-game Name: WayfaringNomad

    Age: 20

    Gender (Boy or Girl): This information neither matters nor is anyone else's business but my own, so I will leave this question undisclosed. If anonymity gives others the right to be impolite online, by proxy I have the right not to give them anything to work with, nor allow any expectations of my behaviour to be predetermined based on what is, or is not between my legs. I hope this can be duly respected.

    What country and timezone do you live in?: United States, California, PST.

    How many hours a week do you play?: It varies a lot, depending on my free time. As an artist who does commission work for a living, there are some days where I may have less than twenty minutes to devote to playing, and some days where I have the entire day to devote to playing. However, if I had an obligation I would be sure to visit at least once per day to make sure everything is well.

    How long have you been playing GLDesert?: I joined in 2013, and have been playing intermittently since then.

    Have you ever been banned from GLD, and if so, for what reason(s)?: No, I am happy to say I have never been banned.

    Skype Name?: SourOrangeTree, though I believe a good number of staff members already have me in their contacts.

    Is English your first language?: Yes, English is my native language.

    Do you speak any languages other than English?: Not enough to hold a conversation.

    What are they, if any?: I know trace amounts of French, German, and a little bit of Tolkien's Orkish x'D


    Why do you want to be a staff member?: I've been a part of GLD for a long time now, and I'd like to be able to contribute to the server in a constructive way.

    What is the biggest problem you see on GLD right now?: I feel that the most prevalent issue on GLD is the lack of respect amongst players, and the way newbies are treated. It's a very hostile and uninviting environment to enter, and I feel that more mediators to guide the newcomers and keep things decent would do the server justice.

    How would you fix it?: I would try to remind people to keep their behaviour decent, and lend a hand to those who need it. I would also try to assist newbies in getting started, and promote problem solving through communication and coolheaded discourse of factual information, so that a conclusive solution can be drawn to in a timely manner.
    And of course, overall, I would like to make myself a positive presence on the server to promote a welcoming atmosphere.

    What is your favourite thing to do on GLD- the thing you do whenever you have some spare time that never gets boring?: Well I highly enjoy farming and building, usually with sand and sandstone to match the desert theme. I also enjoy roleplaying (cooperative storytelling within the context of a story's mythos) and nomadic journeys across the desert.

    Do you have pride in yourself and what you do? Explain why: I am not conceited, and I understand that I have many flaws. However I feel that I do deserve to take a bit of pride in how I conduct myself and my skills. Looking back at the progress I've made in the past five years, personally, ideologically, artistically and otherwise, is worth some self recognition.
    I take pride in my patience and ability to compromise, as well as my ability to recognize and respect that we all have opinions, and that we can have different ones without need for conflict. I take pride in my non-combative nature-- that I can distance myself from conflicts, and keep a clear head in order to find a reasonable resolution. These are all things which I pride myself upon, and I have faith that these life skills can make themselves quite helpful when managing a community and its various collective needs.

    Staff Trials are currently a month long. How long do you think they should be, and why?: A month seems like a perfectly reasonable time frame in which to gauge one's proficiency at a task.

    Pretend that you are describing Minecraft and the role of a staff member using their powers to enforce the rules on GLD to an uneducated 18th century peasant as a story. What do you say? Feel free to use fantastical terms as necessary: In a desert land far away, where the rolling dunes of gilded sands glimmer and shift in an ever changing dance beneath the heat of the sun, there lies a strange civilization where the strongest rule, and the weak hide for fear of death. A land where chaos reigns.
    But not completely without law. In this land there are a few who uphold the ideals to which we all must judge ourselves; honesty, fairness, kindness, and trueness of self. These few individuals wield amazing power and influence, and use this advantage to keep a semblance of order in the desert.

    What are your ambitions when it comes to being a staff member?: I would like to see a shift in community attitude- less swearing and more compliments, less stressing and more fun, less raiding and more sharing. I'd like to cultivate a personal change and attempt to discourage behaviour that is harmful to the server and its residents.
    I would also like to see more newbies becoming long-time members through communication and a welcoming atmosphere. People are more likely to continue coming back to a place in which they feel like they are welcome, and to create such an atmosphere would do wonders for the life of the server.
    And finally, I would like to see a rise in story appreciation and roleplay activities. The RPG approach makes these things much easier to come about, and in my experience with such people (myself included) I can easily say that they are very likely to make a long-term commitment to the server for the sake of roleplay and story-centric activities.

    Where do you see yourself being in six months time?: Eating the last of the Valentine's Day chocolate. Lol, in all actuality, I'll probably be doing the same things I'm doing now, though this winter I am going to begin working at my old school and the post office, but only from 9 to 4:30. So my evenings will still be perfectly free and I'd be happy to donate a portion of that time to GLD.
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