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    GLD 3.0 Staff Application for Flucus

    Monkey13 said I seemed intelligent ( hah, jokes on you :P ) and might make a good staff member, and I'm definitely interested in helping restore GLD to its former glory, so here I go.

    Name: London R.

    In-game Name: Flucus

    Age: 25

    Gender (Boy or Girl): Boy

    What country and timezone do you live in?: United States - Eastern time (UST -5:00)

    How many hours a week do you play?: Probably average 10 hours, but can range from 5 to 40 depending on any projects I'm working on, either inside or outside minecraft

    How long have you been playing GLDesert?: Quite a while, I think I discovered the server at least 4 years ago when I played on it quite frequently in its heyday, but have spent a long time away and rejoined a couple months ago.

    Have you ever been banned from GLD, and if so, for what reason(s)?: Nope

    Skype Name?: Can provide on request. (also have mumble, teamspeak, and discord)

    Is English your first language?: Yes.

    Do you speak any languages other than English?: Yes, I can read/understand French relatively well, but I'm not quite fluent.

    Why do you want to be a staff member?: When I enjoy playing on a server, I like to help the members of the community, help newbies so they'll become investeand enforce rules that will make the place a welcoming environment for both new and returning players so that the community stays alive and grows.

    What is the biggest problem you see on GLD right now?: Definitely the player count. I personally enjoy smaller servers with a tighter community, but I'd love to see GLD get back up to an average of at least 20 players during slow hours, and who knows how many during wartime

    How would you fix it?: There are many ways, but a good start is promoting a newbie-friendly atmosphere to get them invested in GLD quickly. Perhaps a small guide in the firstspawn area that describes how to get involved with a town just so all the towny stuff isn't completely new to them and they have somewhere to build.

    What is your favourite thing to do on GLD - the thing you do whenever you have some spare time that never gets boring?: I always enjoy exploring the desert, there tends to be lots of interesting things to find. I also love doing some large builds occasionally, whether it's a giant building or the occasional pixel art.

    Do you have pride in yourself and what you do? Explain why: Absolutely. Taking pride in my work drives me to do new and better things. I like to impress other people, but I want to impress myself even more, and I feel that is a strong motivator.

    Staff Trials are currently a month long. How long do you think they should be, and why?: A month sounds like a good trial period. You need enough time to assess their average time available and see if their actions are consistently Staff-worthy after they settle in.

    Pretend that you are describing Minecraft and the role of a staff member using their powers to enforce the rules on GLD to an uneducated 18th century peasant as a story. What do you say? Feel free to use fantastical terms as necessary: You find yourself in a vast desert. Just by being in this land, you become skilled in many areas: farming, blacksmithing, carpentry, sword-fighting, archery, even a bit of enchanting and alchemy. But resources are scarce, and there are others even more skilled than you who will take any resources you find from you if they can. However, you can band with others to stake out your territory in the desert and fight back against those who would do you harm. In addition, this conflict is governed by a set of rules, meant to make the time that everyone spends in this desert enjoyable. An elite set of people roam the desert, using higher powers granted to them, enforcing the rules, preventing anyone from gaining an unfair or unlawful advantage over others, keeping the conflict civil and honorable at all times, and helping newcomers to the desert when they need it.

    What are your ambitions when it comes to being a staff member? My main goal is to become a staff member who's well known for helping newbies, keeping the peace, helping the community grow, and building some kickass shit.

    Where do you see yourself being in six months time? IRL - getting a degree in mechatronics. In minecraft - modding it up on a thriving GLD
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    updated my application for resubmission

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    I think you'd make an excellent trial, good luck Flucus!
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