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    ShaneFBI's Trial Application

    What server are you applying for staff on? Include it in the title!

    Name: Shane Friedman

    In-game Name: ShaneFBI

    Age: 15

    Gender (Boy or Girl): Boy

    What country and timezone do you live in?: United States EST

    How many hours a week do you play?: 20

    How long have you been playing GLDesert?: About a year

    Have you ever been banned from GLD, and if so, for what reason(s)?: No

    Skype Name?: Shaneomac456

    Is English your first language?: Yes

    Do you speak any languages other than English?: Yes

    What are they, if any?: I am learning Spanish and I speak Hebrew

    Why do you want to be a staff member?: I would like to be a staff member on GLD because I believe that I can help GLD more than the normal person can, I also want to help GLD I have a motive in helping the server. I also know that I can contribute a lot to the server

    What is the biggest problem you see on GLD right now?: In all honesty, the lack of player count concerns me.

    How would you fix it?: I have ideas that will be privately shared with the staff.

    What is your favourite thing to do on GLD- the thing you do whenever you have some spare time that never gets boring?: Either to build up my town or to help players out.

    Do you have pride in yourself and what you do? Explain why: I do have a lot of pride in my self, most of the time I am able to show humility. So I am definitely proud but I never let it get in the way and I never gloat about it.

    Staff Trials are currently a month long. How long do you think they should be, and why?: A month is about a good time, it allows for proper examination of the skills of the staff member. It also gives them a chance to learn the ropes of being a staff member.

    Pretend that you are describing Minecraft and the role of a staff member using their powers to enforce the rules on GLD to an uneducated 18th century peasant as a story. What do you say? Feel free to use fantastical terms as necessary:

    Minecraft is like a community of people that are building together and mining materials together. Within this community are smaller towns. This particular town is called the Great Light Desert. In the Great Light Desert there people like police officers or sheriffs called staff. The staff are used to maintain order in the town and enforce the laws of the town. Say if someone were to steal something from you, a staff member would figure out who stole it and punish them by banishing them or putting them in a jail sell. Staff are also there to help, so if someone in the town is having a problem with someone else instead of using violence they can go to a staff member for help so they don't do anything wrong.

    What are your ambitions when it comes to being a staff member? I know that I can expand GLD's player base by doing a lot of things. I have very good leadership skills and I feel I can expand on the GLD that everyone knows and loves, and it still be that amazing server that I fell in love with about a year ago, but it could still be new and attract a brand new amazing in spirit and size community.

    Where do you see yourself being in six months time? In six months time, GLD wise I see myself working up the ranks and by that point being a Moderator who has contributed a lot to the server.

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    Nice app, I think you would make a very good trial. Good luck!
    Powermod Nonojang

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