Welcome to the Great Light Desert! This server is all about making a name for yourself, and becoming a legend of the desert. You can create your own town and nation, build marketplaces, the sky is the limit!

PvP is a large part of the experience. Dominating other players and winning awesome loot is a huge part of what makes our server tick. Venture into the desert and kill on sight, or make allies to help you conquer the sands!

Good luck out there, and stay on your guard!

Towns and Nations

The GLD has a long and varied history. There are many empires and nations that you can either join, or destroy.

Every weekend WARTIME is activated. You can use explosives to blow holes in the walls of various towns and plunder their loot.

But if you’re out plundering, who is defending your town?

Player vs Player

The desert is harsh and unforgiving. If you’re going to survive, you’ll need gear.

When you encounter other players in the wilderness, you have a choice to make. Do you negotiate with them and become a team? Or do you try and smite them for their loot?

Choose wisely, and be careful.

The Economy

The backbone of the GLD economy consists of two things: grinders and diamonds.

Diamonds in the desert are much more common than vanilla Minecraft. Digging and mining will net you a nice profit if you know where to look!

Grinders are also a staple of the GLD. Buy spawners and build awesome money-machines for your town or empire!