New Host, Different IP!

Update your favorites!

We needed a better host, one that could offer us more... And we got it. With that said, the IP has sadly changed. In other news, we are expected to get more players soon, and our rank should return to where it belongs! The rank image has been reset, and server claimed so that you may view GameTracker Stats. Furthermore...! Default spawn loadouts have been upgraded.
Moving Up!

Climbing Up The Ranks!

1 Week Ago, We were rank #1728, As of this writing, we are #24, before that #48, We should be tied with whoever is #1 Quite soon. UPDATE: We are now #4 and Rising.
Now with 99% Less Hax!

No more Heli-boat-plane-buses....

Although, the 1% may slip through because BattlEye needs to realize that bad things are going on!
Server Stats Here!

More stats coming soon! - NOTE: All Numbers are LIVE, Refresh page for up-to-date results!


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Special Features

Extra Vehicles + Heli Crashes!

Chernarus has taken on the real scenario of a zombie apocalypse. There would realistically be vehicles all over the place due to the mass panic and chaos.

Get out there and find some stuff!

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Top 5|Zombie Killers