Pixelmon coming soon!

We're expanding!

After many months of planning and talking, we're expanding to Pixelmon! Not only will this bring in many players to the GLD, it will strenghten us as a whole and get us back to the good ol' days!
Check it out to see how to install, game info, etc.
Happy New Year!

Still going strong, nearly 3 years strong.

Happy New Year everyone! We are proud to have made it to 2014, and hope to continue going for a long time! We plan on improving many things in the near future, and adding some more interesting things... So keep up to date on the forums to hear the latest news!
Also, the Old Server's 3.6GB map file is finally available for download HERE
Cool New Stuff!

Lots of stuff!

We now have an updated Staff page! It will now update by itself to acurately display who is where. So that's good. Staff! War has been automated, and now with sound effects and music before and after War!
In other news, the server will fully update to 1.7.x as soon as a Spigot build is available.


More players have 1.6.2 than 1.5.2! It was time. Grab the new launcher for MC Here!

Almost there!

Starting at 12 AM East Coast Time, the relaunch will launch! If you want more time on the old server, you will be able to connect there at ''. Have fun! An official announcement on all the new changes will be posted on the forums.
Like Us!

<<<--- Click it...You know you want too!

So, we have decided that social media could infact be beneficial, so, in that case, Like us and invite your friends!
1.3 Update!

Lots of good changes!

As 1.3 has just been released, we are working around the clock to get everything suited up and ready to go! These include a larger map, Better server hardware, and the grand opening of the Hub. The estimated completion of the whole upgrade is not entirely known. An estimate could range anywhere from a few days, up to a week or more for all the plugins to be updated.
Hub & Hunger Games!

It's in Beta!

We have just released a live beta test of our new Hunger Games server! To see more about what kits you can get, and other info, check here! *CLICK*
Vote, Vote, Vote!!

Vote fast!

The votes on have reset! Get us over a hundred or two right off the bat at 12AM, and we will be the best! For the next week, we are raising the reward amount too 20 diamonds per vote! Happy voting, Thanks!
New Website!

It's awesome!

We love the new look of things, it's cleaner and up-to-date!
New Domain Name!

New Domain Name! Easier to remember, type, and it actually fits on signs and in chat better! Just a shortcut for
Upgraded Server!

So much faster, and 0 lag!

We went to the furthest extent possible, We rented out Google.... Ok, maybe not Google, but it's close enough. We have 512GB SSD, 32GB of RAM, 8 Core CPU @ 3.8GHz a core. Infact, here is the servers temporary theme song!
Video Contest is over!

And the winner is.... Silver Vapour!

Congrats SilverVapour! You have received a free Captain Rank! Awesome job with the video!
Top 10 PVP'ers!

This is ranked based on Player Kills! These stats are live, and will update accordingly!


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Special Features

Custom Generated Map!

All, 100% completely Desert, and Only Desert! Gold and Diamond rates are increased heavily, and terrain was tweaked to perfection...

The Desert Awaits!

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